Our Origin

How we channeled our frustration into action.

The Frustrated Professional was founded with a mission to help those pushed to the fringes of the business world. We challenge the status quo, build future-proof brands and businesses, and help business owners thrive in an environment that makes it seem impossible to succeed.
We're the business we wish existed when we were looking to level up.
Does this sound familiar? Wake up early. Check your email. Miss breakfast. Ignore the sense of purposeless dread as you look for good leads. Are you sick of the never-ending small business bullshit rollercoaster? Industries are more competitive than ever. In a world full of never-ending choices, bad advice at every turn, and cutthroat competition that sees people and small businesses as disposable resources, figuring out how to grow a business can seem impossible.

What's the purpose of a society that doesn't support the people who keep it running? That marginalizes and ostracizes people for failing to fit a neat definition of "American success?"
We're here to take your brand strategy and marketing to the next level.
Next level means no more worrying about how to set yourself apart from competitors - let us do that for you. It means having someone to lean on that can develop a comprehensive branding strategy for your future. It means access to consistent, high-quality marketing strategy, including blogs, newsletters, social media, market analyses, and more.

Most importantly, it means having a creative partner who won't scam the shit out of you.
The Frustrated Professional was built by...
well, frustrated professionals.

We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by people telling you what you 'should' be doing but not actually helping you do anything. To dread work every morning and experience discrimination for "protected" characteristics. We understand all too well the felling that business world is dead-set on denying you success, no matter how hard you work.

Better yet, we create fool-proof strategies to help your brand stand out from the crowd and silences the "you aren't good enough" lies.
Bottom line: Being thrilled about your work and life should be the status quo, not the exception and we can help.

The results speak for themselves

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